Discover Huddersfield offers new ways to experience this amazing Yorkshire town, through guided walks, talks and trails. See Huddersfield at its very best: grand listed buildings and small independent shops; a place for radicals from the Luddites to the Sex Pistols; the birthplace of the Rugby League; a town rich in creativity, stories, heritage and the odd ghostly encounter.

Discover Huddersfield is a community led, non-profit company supported with funding received from the ‘High Street Innovation Fund’ of Kirklees Council.

You will be able to find a guided walks programme in various town centre locations including Huddersfield library / tourist information centre, the Hub (Hello Huddersfield) in Market Avenue and various other businesses and premises.

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What people say about Discover Huddersfield

(some recent comments)

“Glad you are thinking about starting up the walks again.”

“That would be wonderful to have our walks back. Thank you and the team so much for all you do, and I am sure people will be delighted at the chance to get together again to see the best bits of Huddersfield.”

“Thank you for your e mail. I am still living in Seattle at the moment but would be glad to hear of any planned walks because I hope to return to England in the middle of this year. Thank you for the zoom walk which we have enjoyed.”

“It was lovely to see ‘Discover Huddersfield’ in my inbox. It reminds me of being on a stroll, around Huddersfield, with like minded people discovering fascinating facts about the town that we live in! It’s a fabulous annual program that I really look forward to participating in. Thank you for reaching out and fingers crossed that there is a workable, safe solution and sufficient interest to restart the program. Thank you all for your hard work.”

“Thank you for all the work Discover Huddersfield do. I get a lot out of the walks.”

“I must say that we really enjoyed the YouTube walk around Lockwood, with Ian Stephenson’s entertaining and well-paced commentary, and very capable IT, screen-sharing skills. We went out to do the walk after watching. More like this would be gratefully received!”

“BTW, we enjoyed the virtual walks that have been put on line and have since actually done a couple of them as part of our allowed exercise and found them really interesting.”

“I have to say that I have very much appreciated the virtual walks which have been provided this year.”