In March 2012 a call for trails was made by a number of local organisations Huddersfield Creative Arts Network; Huddersfield Partnership; Huddersfield Civic Society; and Huddersfield Local History Society. Submissions were received from a large number of residents and community groups, who had designed their journeys of interest around the town. The trail concepts were short-listed for further development and four trails were selected.

The four were published through a launch in August 2012 as part of the Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival. The launch demonstrated that walking trails are an excellent way of getting people out and exploring their town centres, especially with topics that are new and unexplored. These tours, along with guided walks (e.g Shuddersfield Ghost Trail) proved very popular with both residents and visitors.

When it became apparent that the trails were increasing footfall and time spent in the town centre, the organisations got together and bid, successfully, for funding from the Council’s ‘High Street Innovation Fund’. This has enabled further development into existing trails, whilst allowing new trails to be considered and developed.

Trails are now also featured in local businesses where they are readily available for both residents and visitors.